So XP Support Is Off the Table
Now What?

This is a simple question that everyone is making way to much of. The equation is simple.

Choice one:
Stay with XP


  • Everything still works as is. Software, hardware, peripherals, and users all continue as usual.
  • Users and IT support staff all stay nice and comfy in what they are used to.
  • Custom programs continue without modification
  • No immediate additional costs to IT budget


  • Everything will slowly cease to function as new hardware is added for which there is no legacy support.
  • Everything will cease to function immediately upon the ingestion of a virus, malware, or malicious behavior internally
  • BYODs will not be fully supported
  • Increasing training costs as new workers are added who are not familiar with legacy systems
  •  Increasing IT costs relating to procurement of outside vendors with pay for use patches and security solutions to protect XP
  • Increasing, or possibly catastrophic system failures, and no way to patch or fix them
  • Increasing IT costs to hire legacy experts
  • Employee/personal dissatisfaction with systems performance against an evolving internet, BYODs, and high speed processing demands of newer software.
  • Corporate/Personal identity theft increases due to unknown and unpatched security holes.

Upgrade to WIn 7 or 8


  • Cures the negatives above


  • Upgrade costs (minimal with 7)
  • Custom Software retooling
  • Very old hardware support issues
  • Training on systems (minimal with 7)

We just had a client tell us “Gee, we’ll just wait till something happens and deal with it then”. That seems to be the reaction generally to the XP obsolescence question. There are a few things wrong with that approach.

First and foremost are the costs. If you have to do something because you are forced to, for whatever reason. It moves that activity from planned, organized, and budgeted to unplanned, chaotic, and expensive as hell.

Second, if you loose your systems be it personal or business what is the net impact per hour on you or your bottom line. A very real risk with XP

Third security, Even if you are fully backed up, if you loose all your systems and are backed up from XP systems you will now have to restore to newer operating systems That is problematic at best and again, expensive as hell.

So we don’t really understand why anyone would not take proactive measures to protect that which is a major pillar of their business process or possibly contains much of what they have saved and accomplished over years or even decades. The fix is simple and can be accomplished at any time. As we told the client quoted earlier.

If you wait till it happens you are way to late.

We are here to help you. for support on this and our sister company for security issues.

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